Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I found the video to be a puzzle game. You have so many pieces and you have to arrange the pieces in a certain way to make an awesome movie. The different pieces are the music, the video clips, and the effects.  I found this project was time consuming because every aspect took extremely long. Cropping takes patience and a vision. The music took two hours! I honestly have more respect for movie makers because making a 1 mintue 30 second videos took abundant amount of time .

Although it was time consuming, I did gain many talents and skills like patience, creativity, and video taping skills. I also for the first time I like having group project. Everyone in my group worked nicely together and build off each others ideas.

2. I would incorporate a digital project during a Salem witch trial unit. I would assign each student a person from the Salem Witch trials and through the unit they will have time to research their person so they can develop a true understanding about the character they have. The last few days of the unit they would learn how to use cameras and then react the Salem witch trials. I think by giving each student  a person they will learn through exploration and experience. I think a challenge would be finding a way that all students could participate in editing the video. Another challenge I thought about was how could I break down making a video so 6th grade would be able to learn it because I found making a video to be extremely hard.

Unit overview

day 1 : As a class students will make predictions about what happen in the Salem witch trials.  Students will also will pick their person

Day 2 : Students will go to the computer lab to research their person.

Day 3:  Students will learn about time period and social norms of that time

Day 4: Students will go to the computer lab to research their person

Day 5-6 Students will learn how to navigate through Imovie

Day 7 Students will practice  making short clips

Day 8:  Students will watch video clips on the Salem witch trials

day 9: students will go to the computer lab again and finish their synopsis about their person

Day 10: students will react the salem witch trials

Day 10-11 : students will edit the video

Day 12: students will watch the video and take a quiz on the Salem Witch Trials.

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