Sunday, April 15, 2012


When we first started doing photoshop in class, I absolutely without a doubt hated it. I didn't make sense to me. When we got the project, I was distraught.  I kept thinking how could I make a banner, when everything is hard for me? After class, I was determine to learn everything we were taught. As I worked with the quick selection tool, the marquee tool, and the filters. I found photoshop to be a lot of fun. For once I could take my creative thoughts and create tangible creations.

 I think photoshop should be taught in class because I feel it will engage and motivate spatial and kinesthetic learners. I feel like in class, we only encourage expressing your thoughts orally and in writing. What happens to the students who have great thoughts but are shy or who are not the best writer? Photoshop allows anyone to express themselves visually. It also builds patience and helps students force on detail as well as the big pictures.

The best part of photoshop is it builds self-esteem. When you realize that you took a blank screen and made an ad, a banner, or just a silly picture, it feels good because its proof that your ideas matter.

I want to open a community center and one of my goals was to have a Tumbler page that shows students works of art, students participating in positive activities, and most importantly students working together.
With the photoshop, now I can enhance my pictures and create a webpage worth seeing.

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