Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is It

Wow, I can't believe Instructional Tech is almost over. I feel like I learned so much in such a short period of time. The most important thing I learned that technology is important to include in the classroom because it allows you to show your students so much more; they can explore beyond the four walls of the classroom. It also encourages work readiness because by the time my students graduate, computers and technology will be everywhere! I think some benefits of technology are the opportunities that technology opens. Instead of a boring test, you can create authentic assessments and you can also expand the lesson. For example, the text book says read about whales and write about it. Using technology, they can watch videos about whales, they can talk to scientists, they can get more information; it is crazy that with a click of a button, so many opportunities are placed in front of you.

The down side of technology is it could be a distraction as well. There is some much that could be presented that it could be overwhelming. I think it is important as teachers to know what technology you want to use and also teachers need to teach their  students how to use the equipment. I also think the down side, is technology cost so much money. In some districts, computers and Smartboards are great ideas but can they afford to add that in their budget next year?

I think the most important thing I will take from this class is that ideas are unlimited! If you have a vision with technology you can make anything happen! 

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