Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Evolution of Boards! 

Evolution of Students


One thing in life that is always constant is change; therefore,  the typical classroom is changing  as  you read this blog! It went from chalk boards to whiteboards and now Smartboards. Smartboards enhance teaching and learning because the "typical" students are surrounded by technology unlike other generations. Smartboards are an easy way to connect students outside lives with the different subjects we have to teach. Smartboards make lessons fun and interactive. The best thing about smartboards is they are easy to use. All the tools are self-explanatory and the  interactive tools come with examples. 


  • They are easy to use
  • Allows students to practice their computer skills
  • Keeps the students attention
  • Quick assessments though out the lesson
  • Keeps up with today's technology society
  • the lessons are easy to make 

  • It freezes
  • Only one student can use the Smartboard at a time
  • Sometimes it is really slow
  • It's a computer so the normal things can go wrong (not saving property, Deleting, & etc) 

I wish a knew about Smartboards when... 

I wish I knew about Smartboards when, I did my hip-hop lessons. I used boring Powerpoints. I think the Smartboard would have enhanced my lessons! I could have inserted music directly into my slides. I could have drawn on pictures to point out exactly what I wanted my students to see. I also could have included interactive instead of  worksheets

I wish I knew about Smartboards when, I did a lesson on nonstandard units. I feel like Smartboards could have definitely enhanced my lesson because smartboard has non-standard objects in their gallery (for example: paper clip and a pen) It also would have been easier to demonstrate how to measure using nonstandard units. Instead I went to every table and showed them individually

The Smartboard was so much fun to work with and gave me so many ideas for the next time I teach! 

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